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The Style Academy

The Salt section and online store of our website are currently under construction, and will up and running shortly, please contact us for further information.

The Style Academy is changing direction with an exciting new project.

We are venturing into the World of Salt! We will be importing and distributing the best quality and largest selection of sizes of Himalayan Salts Slabs into the UK. The Salt Slabs have taken 600 hundred million years in the making and can be used for cooking, searing, melting, curing, chilling, frozen and for presentation along with a collection of 61 salts from around the World, including stunning blends and fusions salts from Americas leading Artisan salt Company, Saltworks. See the short video on our You Tube Channel to the Salt Blocks in action.

Visit The Style Academy YouTube Channel

We hope that we can still find a home for the workshops and courses in the near future.

Visit our Crowd Funding project, and get involved, don’t know about crowd funding ? follow the link below:-

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